Posted by: bahamasaviator | June 9, 2009

Bahamas, eAPIS, and the Recession

The wonderful economy has slowed my travel to the islands this spring.  How’s it effecting your GA travel plans? I also would like to hear some first hand experiences using eAPIS.  With GA on life support, it seems all we need is another layer of headaches. Although I’ve never had a problem with US customs, I always sense when making the call one hour before leaving, that things could get difficult, if I made a mistake, or had to divert because of weather.

The Out Islands depend on us for return business. I will try to post good deals, and link resorts that are working hard to keep pilots coming in.  Let me know your thoughts on this and other concerns for the Bahamas bound pilot.




  1. I just found your very informative website. I was wondering what opportunities there would be for aerial photography down in the bahamas?

  2. Thanks Mike,
    Photography in the Bahamas is eye candy heaven, in the air and on the ground…check my gallery:
    for some of my takes from the air. Resell is another issue, as the world has seen plenty of beautiful islands…have to develop your take on things…

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