Posted by: bahamasaviator | June 30, 2009

Bahamas at Oshkosh 2009

Besides flying to the Bahamas, late July is time to change the oil, and head the Mooney towards OSH. I’ll be hanging out with Greg Rolle at the Bahamas Booth on that Friday, (31st) and Sat.
They’ve got some good fly-ins lined up, and many of the resort vendors will be there to answer your questions. Greg will be happy to answer your eAPIS and customs questions.
If you get a chance, The Bahamas also have a good booth in the FAA/Government building. The booth has reps from Bahamas Civil Aviation, and US Customs is near-by…check it out.
My friend, MayCay Beeler has published “A Return to Normans Cay” DVD on Amazon:
It’s a tell all DVD about Coke Dealing from Norman’s in the 70’s, with a story about a GA crash landing there…re-visited 30 years later. It’s cool, and has a bunch of my aerials over the Exumas and Normans.

You can view a clip here
Safe Flying,
Craig Peyton


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