Posted by: bahamasaviator | August 2, 2011

Oshkosh 2011 was jumping

Hit the ground running with Socata celebrating 100 years in business. Here are two videos posted while there: news conference, and party:

Had a chance to hang with the president off Pipistral, Ivo, who has an amazing 4 seater electric hybrid on the way…which will fly 200kts!!

Working on a video of the TBM850 racing a P-51 Mustang. I was very happy the metal tape holding the gopro on the wing was strong enough to handle the g loads during the race. The shots look good, and looking forward to editing.

Camping had the usual mega rainstorm, causing me to wonder if suffering is a bit overrated. Might be forced to spring for a hotel next year, as editing in a wet tent is not fun.

As I was leaving I got stuck over holding for an IFR departure. The the field went VFR, and I taxied under the wing of a G4 to get to the departure end of 27. Cleared to go, I was passing 50 kts in the Mooney when I heard ABORT, ABORT. Slammed to a halt, and then was cleared to continue take off. Glad to be off the ground and heading home. The f16 overran just after closing the airport, so glad I made it, for an easy 4:30 hrs back to 44N.


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